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We offer free exterior estimates! This can help diagnose brick and mortar damage, water problems, and even caps and dampers to help keep animals out. You'll get a quote for recommended service that day.


Inspections are a full check of the chimney, fireplace, interior, and surrounding structures. By the end of your inspection, you'll know if your fireplace is safe for use, and have a quote for any recommended work.


Our cleanings sweep the flue, cleaning it of any residual soot and grime; it also includes cleaning out/vacuuming your firebox out. All of our cleanings include a full inspection.

Wood stoves & Inserts

We clean wood stoves and inserts too! The process for cleaning these is longer and more detailed. They also include a full inspection!


Brick repair, brick rebuild, crown seals, waterproofing, flue replacements, firebox  repair... We do it all! 


We sell caps, dampers, chase covers, multi-flue caps, etc. Call today to get a free estimate for measurement. 

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