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*Each repair site pricing varies based on size of chimney, amount of damage, amount of materials, etc. Call today for a free exterior estimate to get a quote!

*Lifetime warranty only valid with an annual cleaning and inspection*


A reline is replacing the clay tiles in your chimney with a stainless steal liner. If you have cracks in your flue, or no liner, it is incredibly dangerous to use your fireplace. We insert a new liner that has a *lifetime warranty, which means years worth of fireplace usage for you and your family.


Includes a spray-on, clear, breathable waterproofing that is designed to keep water out, while allowing moisture inside escape.

Flashing Repair/replacement

The flashing is the metal piece between your roof and your chimney. It is designed to keep water from leaking between the two structures. 


Tuckpointing is replacing the bad mortar between the bricks. We do this when the integrity of the bricks are fine, but the mortar between is crumbling and falling out.

Crown seal

A crown seal is a brush on, stretchy mortar than helps seal cracks in the crown. All crowns crack when they dry, and in cold/extreme weathers. This helps uphold the integrity of your crown, preventing you from having to replace the entire structure. 

Crown Rebuild

The crown is the concrete "roof" of your chimney. All crowns crack over time, and if not up-kept, it may need to be replaced. For a crown rebuild, we remove your existing crown and build a new one.

Brick Rebuild

Brickwork can be replacing 2-5 bad brick, all the way to rebuilding your chimney from the roof up. Our technician, Erik, is a skilled bricklayer, and can usually get in done in a day's work. 

Brick Rebuild
Roof up

This was a complete rebuild of the chimney and crown. For this particular house, we switched up the brick tone and style. For most houses we just match your existing chimney.

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